Gold medal at INCEMC Timisoara for Marius Chirita and his group, at 14th European Exhibition of Creativity and Innovation, EUROINVENT 2022, the biggest profile competition from Eastern Europe (P)

Between May 26-28, the “EUROINVENT 2022” took place in Iasi, Romania, where Fiz. Dr. Marius Chirita and the group consisting of Virgil Rotaru, Mircea Nicolaescu, Mihai Marghitas, Liviu Mocanu (INCEMC Timisoara), and guest member Fiz. Prof. Dr. Adrian Ieta (Suny Oswego University of New York, USA) presented the “First Rotary Ionic Engine with Contra-Rotating Propellers”. The event was attended by over 500 inventions and projects, from over 40 countries.

In fact, it is about the first engine with two counter-rotating propellers that rotate in opposite directions independently of each other, on the same axis, without any auxiliary mechanism.

The implementation of such an engine in the construction of drones would allow the flight with a single engine or with any odd number of engines, and most important: the engine has no thermal, magnetic, or sound footprint!!

According to Dr. Marius Chirita, the recent progress at INCEMC Timisoara demonstrates that applications related to atmosphere propulsion are possible.

The research was supported by a grant of the Romanian Ministry of Education and Research, CCCDI, project number PN-III-P2-2.1–PED-2019-3646, within PNCDI III, won by Fiz. Dr. Marius Chirita from INCEMC Timisoara, through direct competition organized by the Romanian Ministry of Education and Research, within PNCDI III, in 2019. The title of the project: “Experimental validation of ionic propulsion in laboratory conditions: rotary ion engine flight system”. (I.P.)

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